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Roof Repairs

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Is your roof leaking? Back to New Roofing are highly experienced in diagnosing roofing issues including detecting and locating leaks.

Over time the general condition of your roof will deteriorate, which in turn can result in leaks and damage to your property. Whilst deterioration is a common cause of leaks other factors that could be causing your roof to leak include damage from strong winds and storms, excessive heat, animals and people walking on the roof for example when installing air conditioners and solar panels. These factors can cause tiles and ridge caps to break and loosen and in some cases blow off the roof furthermore, cracked tiles and leaks can lead to major structural problems both internally and externally.

Signs your roof may be leaking include:

  • water marks or stains on your ceiling
  • paint peeling off your roof overhang
  • the presence of mould

Back to New Roofing specialises in repairing and rectifying leaky roofs. Rather than just filling holes with silicone for a short term fix our aim is to find and locate the exact cause of your leaking roof and rectify the issue so that it doesn’t cause you issues in the future.

Whether its water damage, repairing ridge capping or locating and replacing damaged roof tiles Back to New Roofing can assess and fix any roofing issues you may have. Call our specialised team now on  0421 542 253.

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