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What is a roof restoration? 

A roof restoration not only changes the aesthetic appearance of the roof, it also enhances the longevity of the roof ensuring it stays structurally sound.

The roof restoration process includes:

  • An initial inspection is carried out to determine the size of the roof and scope of works required
  • Broken & cracked tile replacement
  • Flexible pointing.
  • Ridge cap re-bedding
  • High pressure washing
  • Valley changes
  • One coat of liquid adhesive sealant or High build sealant.
  • Two coats of your chosen colour
  • Clean up and removal of all leftover debris from your property.
  • 10-Year Written Guarantee.
What is flexi pointing? 

Flexipoint is a trade brand name, as the name suggests it is a flexible, pre mixed, pre colored pointing compound.

Flexible point is a specialised product that was developed for sealing ridge caps, valleys and gables and replaces the old cement concrete method.

Why is Flexible Pointing better than cement?

* Unlike cement- it’s flexible! As the foundations of your house shift flexi point expands and contracts as required – which means no cracking.
* It is completely waterproof when applied correctly
* When pointing using cement it almost instantly fades. Flexible point is pre colored, therefore fade resistant
* It’s quick drying and rain tolerant in just 90 minutes

How much does a roof restoration cost?

There are a number of variables when it comes to quoting for a roof restoration. Without going out to see the roof it is impossible to give a figure. An initial inspection is carried out determining the scope of works that need to be undertaken and the size of the roof – once these are assessed a quotation is given based on this assessment.

I have been quoted $1650 for a clean, seal and two coats of paint, why do you charge more?

Most people that advertise on lamp posts or trailers are after a quick dollar. These people can make your roof look wonderful for the short term.
It’s becoming an ongoing issue where some of these companies ‘cut corners’ by using inferior products and thinning roof paint (reducing it’s weatherproof value) all to cut costs and drying time. The paint company’s warranty will no longer be valid and after a few months you will be left with a peeling roof or worse still a leaking roof with little you can do to fix it.

Is your work guaranteed? 

Usual manufacturers warranties will apply for all materials used. All our work also comes with a written 10 year guarantee.

What roofing surfaces do you repair and work on?

Cement & Terracotta tiled roofs

Do I need to be at home when work is being completed?

No however access to power and water is required.

What products do Back to New Roofing use?

We only use the best quality products available, Nutech products have consistently stood the test of time and are now the only products used by Back to New Roofing.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are a fully insured roofing company

What areas do you service? 

Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong, Bayside and surrounding areas, South East Suburbs including Cranbourne and Pakenham.